What is VUFF?

VUFF 2024 film festival draws on youth, old age and Vantaa identity.

The two-year-old Vantaa Urban Film Festival VUFF 2024 will light up the area around Myyrmäki station on 21–24 March. In celebration of the city’s anniversary year, the festival offers, among other things, a series of films on the theme Your Place in the World, which delves into the heart of Vantaa identity.

The second ever Vantaa Urban Film Festival VUFF 2024 will take place from Thursday to Sunday on 21–24 March 2024 at Kino Myyri and Skenesali in Myyrmäki.

VUFF will once again offer its audience new films and acclaimed legends, discussions, dance and celebration. Most films at the festival have English subtitles unless the film is in English.

Why does love between older people feature in many films? What is the position of screenwriters in the Finnish film scene? And what do young people think about the future of cinema in Finland?

In between the special screenings of the different themes, VUFF will also host interesting discussions to highlight groups of people who are valuable to the film and its presentation. These include senior citizens who have returned to cinemas with force after the pandemic; screenwriters who often receive too little attention and recognition – and, of course, young people: the film makers, performers and audiences of the future.

Vaskivuori High School’s students will contribute their youthful energy to the festival as part of a course on film screening and event organisation. The pilot course is a collaboration between Pop Up Kino Helsinki and Vaskivuori High School.

The films screened in our diverse city showcase a wide range of themes, including a celebration of maturity. The theme of Vantaa’s 50th anniversary will focus on how everyone can feel At Home in Vantaa. To mark the occasion, VUFF will present the film series, which delves deep into the souls of the local Vantaa residents.

At Skenesali, we will once again put music at the centre whilst enjoying the licensed bar. The series of musical films will get us bouncing on the dance floor!
The international programme will also include films from Estonia, Spain, Norway, Bangladesh and Nepal.

In addition to films, VUFF will also present the Cinema Museum. During the festival, old film posters preserved in Rekola Kino will be on display in the Kino Myyri lobby.

The venues for the Urban Film Festival are Kino Myyri in Myyrmäkitalo and Skenesali in Myyräncolo Cultural Centre. Both are located close to Myyrmäki station.

The full programme will be published and tickets go on sale here.

Janne Hulkkonen / Pop Up Kino Helsinki / +358 50 413 4959
Tuomas Hulkkonen / City of Vantaa / +358 50 312 1776

Pop Up Kino Helsinki, which also runs Kino Myyri, organises VUFF 2024 in cooperation with the City of Vantaa’s Cultural and Library Services and Myyräncolo Cultural Centre.