What is VUFF?

VUFF – Vantaa Urban Film Festival is a 4-day celebration of films in Myyrmäki, arranged for the first time in the spring of 2023.

There are two locations for the festival: Kino Myyri and a pop-up movie theater built in the Skenesali of Myyräncolo. Skenesali has a history related to films as Kino Myyrmäki operated on its premises in the 1980s.

VUFF 2023 is a collaborative effort. The main organizer is Pop Up Kino Helsinki which is in charge of the operation of Kino Myyri. Co-organizers are Cultural Services of Vantaa and the cultural center Myyräncolo which is run by local volunteer residents. The event also receives funding from the city of Vantaa.

VUFF 2023 acts as a pilot. Our goal is to make this festival Vantaa’s own annual film event that could find new forms and locations in the future. We warmly invite all film enthusiasts to come join us in the theaters and also participate in other ways!



A part of the festival is KINOMUSEO, a showcase of fabulous film posters from past decades. The exhibit is set up in the lobby of Kino Myyri, and the collection is constructed from the treasures that were hiding in the depths of Rekola Kino, where the poster collection has previously been on show!



KINO MYYRI. Kinorinne 6, Myyrmäkitalo. Entrance is on the side of the building facing the train station.

SKENESALI, Myyräncolo. Jönsaksenkuja 6. Entrance to Skenesali is on ground-level and at the side of the inner courtyard.

Both Kino Myyri and the Skenesali of Myyräncolo are located very close to the Myyrmäki train station.

The location of the bonus event, Koirakino (Dog Cinema), will be announced later.

How to get to Myyrmäki:

You can easily get to Myyrmäki from Helsinki by catching the P-train (AB zone). If you are coming from the direction of Tikkurila or the airport, you can get there with the I-train.

There are also lots of buses that come to Myyrmäki. You can find more information about then in the HSL Journey Planner (Reittiopas).



You can find the program and the link to shop tickets on this site. You can also buy tickets from both participating movie theaters. We accept personal culture benefits as payment.


Contact us!

If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, or anything else you wish to tell us, don’t hesitate to contact us via a form or an email. You can always also call or text us!

Pop Up Kino Helsinki / Kino Myyri / VUFF 2023


Executive Director
Janne Hulkkonen
+358 50 413 4959



Sini Saaritsa
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